PADI seal team course 

The PADI seal team course is the perfect introduction for children aged 8-10 into the amazing underwater world scuba diving open up to them

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The PADI Seal Team is a fun and exciting course for young divers aged 8 and up to enjoy and learn about the underwater world through five action-packed Aquamissions.

padi seal team, children's scuba diving classes

The Seal Team course aims to provide young divers the knowledge and skills to dive safely while still making it enjoyable and fun. This provides a great opportunity to introduce kids to scuba diving before the Open Water Course.

This is done through five Aquamissions each with different skills to master. There is also a Crewpack that follows the course with games and puzzles to be completed that all relate to each individual Aqua mission. The essential skills they learn range from mask clearing to buoyancy exercises

The underwater adventures padi seal team classes are only £199 for all 5 pool session and this price includes the PADI seal team pack and PADi certification upon completion.

Once the children have completed the padi seal team course they can move on to the PADI master seal team course where we look at other interesting areas of scuba diving your children might like to get into and give them a chance to experience things like night diving and wreck diving, all in the safety of our heated pool.



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