efr primary and secondary care first aid course

Learn how to help people in need with the EFR primary and secondary care course

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EFR Primary and Secondary care course

Course Price £79

The EFR Primary and secondary care course covers all of the basic first aid requirements for the PADI rescue diver course as well as giving you the skills you might need to help anyone who might need first aid help. The course covers everything from bandaging through to full CPR and is taught using blended learning where you complete most of the first aid theory at home in your own time before the practical session where you will go through your first aid skills under the guidance of one of our experienced first aid instructors. During the practical session, you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you might have from the first aid theory while putting the information you have gained into practice. 


We offer a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and more importantly retain the first aid skills you will pick up from this course. All of our instructors are experienced and fully up to date with all the latest guidance from ILCOR on best practices in first aid. We also offer the latest teaching techniques to allow you to learn first aid skills and feel confident afterward to be able to use them should you ever need.


The price we tell you at the start is the price you will pay for the full course. Unlike some other first-aid centres, you won't need to pay extra for the certification or EFR training manuals which you will get to keep so that you can refer back to should you need to int the future.

What you will learn on this course

We will cover everything you need to be able to offer first aid help to someone in need including.
  • How to comfortably deliver both adult and infant CPR.
  • How to deal with suspected DCS using O2.
  • How to deal with adult and infant choking
  • How to deal with serious bleeding and spinal injuries


Because our EFR courses are designed around your need's and to give the best experience, our courses can be run in a private session at a time to suit you or you can contact us to find out the date of the next group course
first aid courses in hertfordshire, bedfordshire, and cambridge
first aid courses in hertfordshire, bedfordshire and cambridge


  • EFR train manual
  • All equipment including the Latest recuss dolls and technology.
  • EFR certification upon completion of the course
  • In other word’s everything you need to be able to confidently offer help to anyone in need

We offer a full range of First aid courses to cover all your needs from first aid at work course to Ofsted courses for schools and nurseries. If you can't find the course you need on our website please contact us and we will be happy to sort out the course for you.