efr first aid instructor Course

Teaching First Aid is an enjoyable and fulfilling way to broaden your teaching experience and a great way to earn money.   

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EFR First Aid Instructor Course


The Emergency First Response (EFR) first aid instructor course allows you to learn how to teach first aid courses in a confident and enjoyable way so that your students retain more of the information you give them and in that way become more confident and relaxed first aiders and making so your customers will keep coming back to you for their training needs.
Teaching first aid courses is a great way for you to earn extra money on the side to pay for a few little luxuries or if you want, maybe you need it before starting your PADI IDC and to become a PADI instructor it's up to you? There is enough of a call out there for first aid instructors that you could start out on your own and make a living from it. Whatever the reason you have decided to look into becoming a first aid instructor, underwater adventures will give you the education and support you need to become the best first aid instructor you can be. 



We offer the very highest level of training for educators with over 10 years of training experience producing the finest quality educators. One of the biggest differences you will find when signing on to learn with Underwater Adventures is the aftercare we provide, we won't just sign you off as an instructor once you have finished the course and kick you out the door to fend for yourself, you will be given the opportunity to shadow experienced instructors on courses with real students and you will be given the chance, when you feel confident, to start running parts of the course yourself until you are happy to run a full course by yourself so you have the support you need to grow as an instructor at your own pace.


The price we tell you at the start is the price you will pay for the full course. Unlike some other dive centres, you won't need to pay extra for the open water dives or EFR books and fees.

What you will learn on this course

On the EFR First Aid instrutor course will cover;
  • The core standard you will need your student to achieve to pass the course.
  • The importance of teaching techniques in making sure your students are relaxed and enjoy the course.
  • How to deal with those awkward questions someone will always ask.
  • Hoe to look after and disinfect your first aid equipment and how to put your students at rest concerning the spread of infection.
  • How to market your courses to bring in new business and how to upsell during courses.


The EFR first aid instructor course is run twice a year so that we don't have too many new instructors shadowing our experienced instructor around at any one time so that you get the best educational experience. These courses are normally run in Autumn and spring but please get in contact with us to find out the date of the next course


  • EFR instructor pack (normal RRP £230)
  • All educational materials
  • Unlimited time after the course learning from and shadowing experienced EFR instructors.
  • access to course bookings from which to earn money with your new skill set.
  • In other words, everything you need to learn in a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere.


The next obvious step is to go for your PADI IDC (instructor development course) and IE (instructor exam) if you are a scuba diver and our dive team will be there to help guide you the find the best course director near you to start you on the course.
If you are not a scuba diver we can help you expand the course you can teach to cover areas like Epi-pen use, First aid at work (UK) courses, and manual handling courses.