children's scuba diving party 

Childresn's scuba diving parties for up to 12 children

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We offer children’s activity scuba parties for children’s birthdays or any other occasion in our onsite indoor heated pool.


If your Child’s birthday is imminent, and they would love to do something completely different.

Our Scuba party is the perfect solution.

Up to 12 children can experience the excitement of scuba diving in the shallow end of our superb heated pool for an hour, under the expert supervision of our professional diving instructors.

This is a fantastic way for children to experience a rapidly developing adventure sport in a safe and enjoyable way.

All children must be over 8 years of age, medically fit, and be comfortable in the water.
The party experience will last 2 hours in one our heated pools during which the children will be talked through the equipment and safety protocols by one of our highly trained PADI instructors before putting on the scuba equipment and going for a swim around underwater.
Once your child feels comfortable underwater with the scuba equipment they will be given the chance to play around with some of the toys underwater or do some handstands or rolly poleys and generally have a bit of fun while scuba diving.

The children will also be given a snorkeling experience where they will be shown how to snorkel and duck dive, skills they can use when you next take them on holiday
At the end of the party, all of the children will be given scuba diving themed cupcakes and special certificates to show that they have taken part in a scuba diving experience

The underwater adventures children's parties are only £299 for up to 12 children for the full 2-hour experience.

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