PADI Referral open water Course

Do your theory and pool work at home and complete your open water course on holiday.

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PADI Open Water Referral Course

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular scuba diving course and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle. The PADI Open Water Referral is the first half of the course consisting of some Theory to understand the basic principles of scuba diving and Confined Water Dives where you learn and practice your scuba diving skills in one of our heated pools either in Bedford or Cambridge.
The referral course is made up of the first two parts of the full open water course allowing you then to complete your course with the 4 open water dives with another PADI dive centre while you are on holiday somewhere nice and hot. This way you won't waste any of your valuable holiday stuck in a classroom or taking lessons in a swimming pool and can go straight to scuba diving on the wonderful wrecks and reefs around your Holiday destination.



We offer the very highest level of PADI scuba diver education designed to teach you to scuba dive safely using the most up-to-date teaching practices. During this PADI scuba diver course, you will learn about the scuba equipment you will be using and teh basic safety skills you will need to keep yourself safe underwater. All under the guidance of one of our PADI professionals..


The price we tell you at the start is the price you will pay for the full course. Unlike some other dive centres, you won't need to pay extra for the open water dives or PADI books and fees.

What you will learn in this course

Your training starts by going through your PADI open water digital product which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet so you can work on it anytime and anywhere. You will then be given the start date in the pool where you will go through your equipment and skills with your instructor, some of the things you will go over include:
  • how to assemble your scuba diving equipment.
  • How to clear your mask underwater should you get water in it.
  • How to do a safe assent should you run out of air using your buddy's alternate air source.
  • safety stops and emergency decompression procedures
  • How to achieve good buoyancy and trim with your scuba equipment
  • Managing your gas supply, 
  • how to communicate underwater using hand signals.


Because Our PADI courses are designed around your needs and to give the best experience, our courses are around at times to suit you with private theory sessions, and monthly dive trips around the course which you can join to complete this course.


  • Unlimited pool sessions so you can learn at your own pace..
  • All the basic scuba diving equipment you will need for this course
  • PADI materials and access to the online learning portal for this course.
  • Air fills
  • PADI certification fee
  • In other words, everything you need to dive in a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere.

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Once you have returned from your holiday with your full PADI open water qualification and a load of wonderful diving experiences you got from your holiday you might be interested in taking the next step, which would be your Advanced open water qualification which will allow you to dive a bit deeper, or maybe you think you might like diving here in teh UK so how about doing your PADI dry suit course