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Underwater Adventures is a scuba diving club offering scuba diving trips in the UK and abroad and PADI Dive school with meetings in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridge. We have meetings at the Orange Tree pub in Hitchin, the Park Pub in Bedford, and the Red Bull pub in Cambridge, plus pool session at the Robinson pool in Bedford and the Bourn golf club just outside Cambridge. Offering PADI scuba diving courses for all levels from beginner to instructor, UK scuba diving trips all year round plus many foreign dive trips. We offer full equipment servicing and compressed air or nitrox fills delivered right to your door as well as scuba diving equipment rental and servicing plus discounts on courses and dive trips for club members.
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Scuba diving training Bedfordshire


Humongous thanks to the most tolerant and supportive instructor I could ever have wished for! Today's dive in the Lake was awesome and I loved every minute! Next dive - Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka in 3 weeks!!!
Underwater Adventures have blessed me with a whole new world. Please ensure you contact them for all your scuba inquiries! Stephen is an exceptional instructor and the other
divemasters involved really have been outstanding throughout my 6 months of training and preparation... it has been a long road but I am over the moon. I am now a PADI open water scuba diver and immensely proud of myself!

Aiden Lunnon, Hertfordshire 5 out of 5 stars
padi scuba diving courses in hertfordshire bedfordshire and cambridge
PADI Scuba diving training Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridge



Many people think about learning to scuba dive and it is on so many people's bucket list's it amazing and this is because scuba diving is seen as a sport like so few others out there. The problem is not many people ever get around to it which is such a shame as scuba diving opens up a whole new world to people. I hear so many excuses as to why people don't learn to scuba dive so with that in mind I have put together a list of 10 reasons you should learn to scuba dive in 2020

1. It makes you feel amazing and changes lives 

Learning to dive in itself is such a wonderful experience - the feeling of breathing underwater for the first time, the weightlessness that comes with diving, the pure bliss of the underwater world - all of these amazing things just need to be experienced by all. For many, learning to dive changes their life. It offers adventure, opportunity, friendship and fun like no other sport you’ll come across. 
The best thing is that you don’t have to go far to see some of the best underwater sites our planet has to offer. Both the UK and Europe have some phenomenal dives that your adventure-loving heart won’t want to miss. From whales, dolphins and Basking Sharks off the UK coast to world war two wrecks off the Normandy coast, there is something for everyone.


2. Fun for all the Family

Looking for something to do together on holiday? Anyone aged 10 and up can become certified in scuba diving. So if you are looking for something you can do with the family while on holiday that even the sullen teenager will get excited about then scuba diving is the activity for you. You can learn as a family and then go scuba diving and experience awesome things as a family while creating memories together that will last a lifetime.

3. It open to most ages

A great activity for most ages: Anyone aged 10 and up can become fully certified in scuba diving and there are divers who stay active into their 90s. Children as young as 8 years old may join local programs such as Bubblemaker, Seal Team and master seal team courses where they can learn the basic scuba diving skills in safe conditions so they are ready to join you as soon as they are old enough.


4. Make good friend with some really great and fun people

Becoming a diver is like joining a worldwide society. It’s amazing how something can connect you to hundreds of thousands of people around the world but diving really does have that capability. It’s written into the laws of diving that it should be a social sport, as you should never dive without a buddy, but it's more than just that. You can show up at a dive centre on the other side of the world and there will be someone to dive with; you will have something in common with that person and you will be able to communicate with them even if there’s a language barrier. Divers come together, no matter where you are.
Plus, with Underwater adventures social club life emphasis, learning to scuba dive with underwater adventures is a sure-fire way of socializing and making new friends for life. Some of our members have even met their partners through the dive club

5. It's Safe while being exciting

With proper skills, training, and equipment, scuba diving can be a safe and easy activity to learn. If you can swim and if you can breathe, then you can dive. Scuba diving is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world every day and is considered a low-risk activity compared to many other outdoor and sporting activities – even such widespread activities as swimming, jogging, and all-terrain vehicle riding have higher reported fatality rates than diving.


6. Seeing amazing things underwater.

From amazing coral reef colours through giant Manta rays cruising past you to wrecks that are 100’s of years old, there is something to amaze anyone and the best bit is that as a scuba diver, you are one of the very few people in the world who will get the chance to see it. So whether it’s the wrecks of the German grand sea’s fleet in scarper flow or the giant groups on the great barrier reef, there will be some to make you go “WOW” to see while diving. Plus, you can learn to take pictures so that you can stun your friends with what you have seen. I have added a few links below to some of the videos we have made while scuba diving so you can get an idea of the things you can see when you learn to scuba dive
scuba diving on a wreck (click here)
Scuba diving with Manta Rays in the Maldives (click here)
Playing with seals underwater (click Here)

7. Experience tranquillity and freedom unlike any other.

Most divers agree that while underwater, the noise and stress from daily life just float away. Slow, deep breathing, similar to that of meditative breathing, can help induce a calm and relaxed state while divers enjoy freedom from restrictions such as gravity and weight while supported by the water, add to that the fact that you will be outside in nature with some like-minded friends, scuba diving is a great way to unwind and de-stress.


8. You get the chance to travel to some wonderful places.

Scuba diving can open up a whole new side to your holiday planning as once you have learned to scuba dive you will start to hear about some great places to scuba dive that you would never think of taking a holiday to before. So whether it’s a family holiday with a bit of scuba diving on the side or a full-on dive trip arranged through the underwater adventure dive club, by learning to scuba dive you have opened up a whole new world to explore that you probably didn’t even know existed before.

9. Learn to appreciate and preserve marine life 

Many creatures and underwater environments have been rescued and rehabilitated by the efforts of scuba divers. Those who spend time in and love the sea are constantly protecting wildlife by learning about marine life and fighting to preserve and protect it. From beach clean up to raising awareness of the impact or waste and plastic pollution, scuba diving will leave you with a new outlook when it comes to our sea’s and how we treat them.

10. Do Something Different

A diver looks at the weekend as a chance to explore. There is nothing better than getting back into the office on a Monday morning and exchanging stories with your colleagues about your weekend. Telling them about a World War II wreck that you dived, or a seal interaction that you had is fantastic. I know it sure beats the more “normal” weekends that many of my friends have. There are lots of hobbies out there, with plenty of activities to fill your life with. But scuba diving is the best without a doubt. There are other opinions out there about which is the best hobby in the world, but they are wrong!

So if I have whetted your appetite and finally convinced you to learn to scuba dive then get in contact with us by following this link (CLICK HERE) if you would like more information about the PADI open water course (CLICK HERE) and if you are still not sure then why not do a try dive and see if you enjoy it (CLICK HERE)

Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. There may now be around 5.25 trillion macro and microplastic pieces floating in the open ocean. Weighing up to 269,000 tons and even with the current focus on Plastic pollution the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans is rising, so what can we do to help?
Recycling isn’t good enough; we must lower the amount of plastic we use. Unfortunately, many types of plastic aren’t recyclable. The familiar triangle only indicates the type of plastic (1-7) and many types can’t be recycled. Typically, numbers 2, 4 and 5 plastics can be recycled, but always check with your local facility. Generally speaking, Styrofoam, cling wrap, plastic bags and plastics with food waste are not recyclable. Recycling also requires a lot of energy as the materials must be transported, processed and remanufactured. Lastly, products made from recycled plastic often aren’t recyclable a second time. So, with this in mind below are a number of ways we can lower the amount of plastic we use in the first place.
  1. Plastic-free packaging.
This is a lot easier then most people think it is, it is just a case of thinking about what you want to buy and looking for the plastic-free options and there are a lot of them about
Little things like toilet rolls which come in plastic packaging can be orders online, companies like and offer plastic-free toilet paper delivered to your home in easily recitable packaging. has a wide range of plastic-free items for the home from bath towels through to cleaning products. Instead of buying your normal shower gel, why not use soap which can be bought in paper packaging and you can now get your hands-on plastic-free toothbrushes, even big brand companies like Colgate are offering plastic-free toothbrushes . All it takes is a little forethought and you will be amazing at how much plastic you can remove from your life.

  1. Plastic bottles, cups and food wrapping
During beach cleans one of the most common household plastic items found was bottle caps. Bottle caps are made of a lighter plastic so they tend to float and stay near the surface, where the bottles themselves tend to sink. We do go through a hell of a lot of plastic in this way, from the plastic in our coffee cups to bottles of water when we are outside. This is a little bit more difficult for you to cut out of your life and we will need a bit more help from the companies and worldwide governments to help with this. Yes, you can take a bottle of water out with you but if you are out for a day or it is very warm it is very difficult to take enough water with you so we do need governments to supply more public water fountains so we can refill and shops could advertise refills, they could charge for them a small fee but it would still be cheaper than buying bottled water.
With coffee and teacups we just need to remember to bring our own reusable cups with us, these are easy to find if you don’t already have one and range in price from £5 through to £20 for cups which have thermal properties to keep your tea or coffee warmer for longer, it is just a case of remembering to take it with you. If you are like me this is where things go wrong as I have the memory of a sieve so the way I have worked around it is to keep one at home int eh kitchen and try to remember too that with me but I also keep a clean one in the van for when I forget to bring one with me. Luckily, a lot of companies have started to give away reusable cups as marketing ploys so you can keep an eye out for those and build up a stock of reusable cups just in case you forget as I do.
Plastic food wrapping is probably the hardest one here to limited. Clingfilm (or other brands of plastic wrapping) is not very easily recyclable so it’s not as if we can just make our own sandwiches like mum used to make but we can switch to brown paper bags to put ours sandwiched in or if you prefer a salad, Tupperware boxes are really good, obviously other brands are also available, I have even found that a lot of taking away restaurants deliver their food in hand plastic containers which can easily be washed out and used for lunches or food on the go. So there are ways around it.
If you are picking up food on the go, may I suggest the local sandwich shop as not only do they wrap their food in paper, but you will also be supporting a small local business instead of a large multi-national which is also good for the local environment as they will tend to be using local products?


  1.  Plastic milk bottles
This is a lot easier nowadays as a number of companies have started offering this service, the good old milkman delivering milk in glass bottles every morning. This went off of fashion in the 90’s and 2000’s but is making a big return as people realize that not only is it better for the environment to use glass bottles for your milk but that you can get so many more products delivered with your milk and thus saving you a trip to the shops on your way back from work. They are a number of companies who offer this and most of the UK is now covered so if you want to find your local company offers milk to your front door a quick google search should give you plenty of options.
  1. Plastic bags
Yes, the good old one-use plastic bags which we have all been moving away from since the Government added a tax too and we have been doing a great job of using them less and less but there is another single-use plastic bag we all have in our lives that we need to get rid of, the bin bag. Yes, we may use less bin bags then we used to use shopping bags but it is still plastic which gets thrown away into landfill which can then be broken down into small microplastics which can then work their way into the oceans and then be picked up by marine life and work its way into our food chain. Fortunately, there is an option for us, biodegradable rubbish and composting bags. You can easily find them with a quick google search and you can even find them on places like Amazon ( which have a wide range to choose from. You can also find companies like which offer smaller bags which are designed for use as nappy bags but can easier be used for cleaning up after fur-babies, or if you can afford to buy in bulk and save money that way why not take a look at the manufacturing companies like this UK based company . You see there is always a way around it and all it takes is a little thought and a quick internet search.


  1. Clean-ups
Ok so we have looked at ways for stopping the plastic waste int eh first place but we also need to think about cleaning up the rubbish we have already made. Beach cleans are becoming more and more popular such as with MCS Great British beach clean or the surfers against swage (SAS) beach cleans where you can help organize your own Divers also have the opportunity to take part in divers against debris dives or as a diver, you can just pick up a bit of plastic rubbish you find while diving.
Underwater adventures itself will be organizing clean-ups with a difference this summer with river clean-ups. The plan is to get the plastic rubbish inland before it has a chance to wash out to sea and if you would like to take part in a clean up please drop us an email at and we can add you to the mailing list and keep you informed of our cleanups so you to can do your part.


Below are a list of the dive club current dive trips with spaces available and a little bit about the trip but if you would like full details about the trips please contact us and just so you know space go to club members first so if you would like to find out more about the underwater adventures dive club please check out this link.
12th-12th April Qualifying weekend
The first qualifying weekend of the year at Gildenburgh water where we will be completing the qualifying dives for the courses we run and this weekend we will be doing PADI open water course, PADI advanced open water, and the PADI drysuit course but divers who are not on courses are, as always, welcome to come along for a dive and we will happily find you a buddy if you want one.
19th-26th April Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt  £499 plus flights per person
With Sharm airport opening up to direct flight from the UK again after 3 years this is the perfect time to pop over for a visit to one of the most popular diving holiday destinations in the world.
We have booked a trip from the 19th-26th April with Camel divers which includes 5 days diving off the local wrecks and reefs plus an extra day diving the Thistlegorm, said to be one of the best wreck dives in the world
out: London Gatwick Sun 19 Apr 2020.
dep 09:40 arr 15:55. TUI Airways
rtn: Sharm El Sheikh Sun 26 Apr 2020.
dep 16:55 arr 21:40. TUI Airways
The price is £499 plus flights and this includes transfer to and from the airport, 7 night B&B accommodation and the camel hotel in Sharm, 5 days diving the local wrecks and reefs plus a day trip out to do two dives on the World famous wreck of the Thistlegorm (check out the video here)
2nd May Vobster inland dive site  £22 per diver entry fee
Vobster is my personal favorite inland dive site but that is mostly for the warm showers and wrist band payment system which allows you to buy all the tea you want during the day without having to carry a load of change around with you which as a diver can be an issue. It is also a large dive site with many attractions sunk in the lake especially for the divers and these are at different depths which means it’s a great dive site for divers of all levels and qualification.
16th 17th May Qualifying weekend
The second qualifying weekend of the year which also tends to be one of the busiest with PADI open water and PADI rescue diver courses running plus a few specialties. If there is a specialty course you would like to do please drop us a line and we can see if we can fit it in over this weekend.
23rd May Dosthill inland dive site   £15 per diver
Dosthill inland dive site is the little sister site to Gildenburgh where we do our qualifying weekends but offers some really good diving with loads of wildlife and some friendly staff. You can check out the videos of some of our previous dives there in the links below.
Diving the wreck of the plane at Dosthill
The fish of Dosthill dive Site
6th June Chepstow inland dive site   £20 per diver
The National Diving and Activities Centre (NDAC) at Chepstow is always a popular dive site with loads to see and do there plus with a couple of converted transit vans to run you for the carpark down to the water's edge and back again with your kit, it is an easy and relaxing bit of diving with something to see at all the different depths. Plus, with it being at the end of the M4 motorway it is nice and easy for everyone to get to.
13th-14th June Swanage dive trip £3 to dive the pier for a day £26-£34 per boat dive depending on the wreck
The dive club's first trip to Swanage of the year. We normally head down there as the Shuttle service run Swanage boat charters from the pier to any of the large wrecks just off the coast makes diving easy and fun with great diving for those of all levels. I will be taking a group of children down for their first sea dives under the pier and out to a couple of wrecks but I can also organize some deeper diving for those who want to do it and if anyone is interested I will be running a PADI wreck diver course over this weekend?
20th-21st June Qualifying weekend
The third qualifying weekend of the year at Gildenburgh and we will be running courses and arranging the normal fun dives.
3rd 5th July Plymouth dive trip with In Deep diving £310pp
This is a 3-day dive trip offered by In Deep Diving is an absolute steal at just £310 per person for 3 days diving and 3 nights B&B accommodation. The wrecks diving out of Plymouth is some of the best in the world with my personal favorite, the James Egan Lane, a world war 2 liberty ship (click here for a blog post about the history of some of the wrecks you can find out of Plymouth) which was sunk in 1945 just outside Plymouth harbor by a German U-boat.
So this package includes:
• Free on-site car parking
• Six dives from one of our two hard boats
• Six single cylinder air fills or upgrades to Nitrox 32% only £10.00/per day.
• Free Hot drinks & light lunch on-board
• Three nights accommodation at the Mount Batten Watersports centre 20m from the pontoon & the dive centre with Waterside views!
• Cooked or continental breakfast
• Three days full use of the Mount Batten Watersports facilities including of course the bar where you will receive 10% discount!
Spaces on this trip are limited some please let me know if you want to come asap.
17th-19th July Pembrokeshire  £48 per day diving plus £130 for the blue shark trip accommodation to be arranged through Trudi
Pembrokeshire has some of the best wildlife diving in the UK with the gulf steam bringing warm water and wildlife all the way across the Atlantic from the Caribbean. This is the best place to sea turtles in UK waters along with so much other life. Trudi, who is arranging this trip has also sorted out a chance to go out and spend a day swimming with Blue sharks for those who are interested, the blue shark trip also gives you a chance to spot whales and dolphins. This is also a lovely part of the country with some beautiful scenery.
25th-26th July qualifying weekend
Another qualifying weekend at Gildenburgh which is open to all club members who wish to come down for a dive or learn something new by taking a new course.
1st-2nd August north trip to Capenwary   £17 per day for dive site entry accommodation to be arranged once I know the numbers who would like to join us on this trip.
Capenwary is an inland dive site we first visited two years ago and we were amazed by the visibility and wildlife including Sturgeon and Brown Trout just swimming around the entry ramp. We will be spending two days at this dive site as it is a bit of a treck up there but it is worth it for the diving, check out the video here from last years trip to Capenwary.
7th-9th August Porthkerris cabin, Cornwall.  £110 each for the 3 nights which includes unlimited shore diving, £60 for 2 boat dives on Celtic cat. Blue Shark trips are £110 each for the day.
Porthkerris is a dive site in south Cornwall which we normally visit at the beginning of the year due to the sheltered location and the fact that if the weather blows up, it is an easy drive to the other coast. Last year we got to see basking sharks in the bay and each year they are visited by whales and dolphins. The shore diving is either a kelp forest or one of the two reefs which are just offshore (check out the video here) or you have the option to join the big boat to head offshore and dive the Manicals, a reef system which is covered in jewel anemones giving it a colour as good as if not better then you will find on any tropical reef.
Cornwall as some amazing diving all around eh coast with at this time of the year the water temp is normally around the 20 degrees C mark so it is nice and warm.
We will be staying at the log cabin which is a 200-metre walk from the sea edge and we will be in a little cove surrounded by nature which gives you a very relaxed atmosphere. In the cove is a dive shop, air filling station, and a café so everything we need as divers. Places are limited to just 8 places in the cabin so please don’t hesitate to book your spot.
click here for a video from one of our trips to porthkerris to see what the diving is like
15th-16th August qualifying weekend

Another qualifying weekend at Gildenburgh which is open to all club members who wish to come down for a dive or learn something new by taking a new course.
21st-24th St Abbs and the Farne Islands

                 The St Abbs area is well known among the diving community as some truly great diving and the Farne Islands is home to a colony of friendly grey seals (check out the video here) who love to come out and play with divers. Simon Turnbull is arranging this trip and I have added a link here to the information sheet about the dive trip he has made up for us. Click here for the information sheet.
5th-6th September Swanage   £3 to dive the pier for a day £26-£34 per boat dive depending on the wreck

The dive club final trip to Swanage and on this trip we will be diving some of the deeper wrecks Swanage has to offer. Although we haven’t picked them yet as we will decide what wrecks we would like to do a little closer to the time and when we have an idea of who would like to join us so that we can all help make the decision of what we would like to dive.
19th-20th September Qualifying weekend

Second to last qualifying weekend of the year and one which is normally very busy with the people who have tried scuba diving while on holiday and come back and want to learn.
17th-18th October qualifying weekend

                Last qualifying of the year (probably) due to the water temp starting to get a little chilly.
25th October to 1st November Ibiza dive trip?

                 The details of this trip are yet to be finalized as the flight has not become available yet but the plan is to flight out and catch a bit of sun before the winter sets in and to take part in some of the awesome diving Ibiza has to offer. Before you ask, we will be staying in the north of the island away from all of the big clubs but there is still plenty to do in the evenings and the plan is to stay until Halloween and all get dressed up and going out on our last night for a bit of fun.
The diving in Ibiza itself is excellent with huge amounts of marine life for the Mediterranean like Ibiza, unlike the other Islands, hasn’t depended so much on fishing over the past 50/60 years due to the hippy invasion followed by the party scene being where the Island gets most of its wealth from. Add this to the Mediterranean largest wreck in the Dom Pedro and some great reefs, Ibiza is a hidden gem for scuba divers and well worth a visit. So if you are interested in this trip please let me know and I can keep you informed as to the details when they become available.
Although this list does cover most weekends through the summer I have left a few free so that we can add other trips when they become available so please also keep an eye on our calendar (click here) which is also a google calendar so you can link it to your own and stay updated.