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PADi scuba diving courses in bedfordshire, hertfordshire and cambridge

PADI Dive courses and trips

Underwater Adventures is a scuba diving club offering scuba diving trips in the UK and abroad and PADI Dive school with meetings in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridge. We have meetings at the Orange Tree pub in Hitchin, the Park Pub in Bedford, and the Red Bull pub in Cambridge, plus pool session at the Robinson pool in Bedford and the Bourn golf club just outside Cambridge. Offering PADI scuba diving courses for all levels from beginner to instructor, UK scuba diving trips all year round plus many foreign dive trips. We offer full equipment servicing and compressed air or nitrox fills delivered right to your door as well as scuba diving equipment rental and servicing plus discounts on courses and dive trips for club members.
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Scuba diving training Bedfordshire


Humongous thanks to the most tolerant and supportive instructor I could ever have wished for! Today's dive in the Lake was awesome and I loved every minute! Next dive - Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka in 3 weeks!!!
Underwater Adventures have blessed me with a whole new world. Please ensure you contact them for all your scuba inquiries! Stephen is an exceptional instructor and the other
divemasters involved really have been outstanding throughout my 6 months of training and preparation... it has been a long road but I am over the moon. I am now a PADI open water scuba diver and immensely proud of myself!

Aiden Lunnon, Hertfordshire 5 out of 5 stars
padi scuba diving courses in hertfordshire bedfordshire and cambridge
PADI Scuba diving training Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridge


Introduce your children to the underwater world.

If your child like the water, they will love scuba diving. It opens up a whole new world for them, a world of amazing wildlife, sunken treasure, and stories of adventure and we at underwater can offer several different options to introduce them to scuba diving, from children’s parties to try dives and the best bit is, Scuba diving is open to anyone aged 8 and over.

padi scuba dive childrens course   children scuba diving bubblemaker courses

Children’s parties.

perfect way to celebrate a birthday or any other events with a two-hour pool party where the children will get to try out snorkeling and scuba diving followed by cake, scuba diving themed obviously. We can offer these parties on weekend afternoons for up to 12 children with the session lasting for two hours.
During the children’s 
party, the children will be split into two groups which will allow us to keep a close eye, even on the larger groups. The first group of children will be given the opportunity to learn about the scuba diving equipment and then try out scuba diving equipment and have a little play around under the water all the while under a watchful eye of a PADI professional. While this is happening the second group of children will be shown how to snorkel properly and duck dive under the water to get a closer look at some fish.
Any children’s party would not be complete without cake and at the end of the 
session, each child will receive a scuba diving themed cupcake made by the professionals at Katiebelle Cakes, a local, fully insured and registered specialist cake maker.

padi seal course scuba diving courses for children   padi master seal team course for children

Children’s try scuba diving sessions 

There are two options for this, and these depend on age. For children from the ages of 8 to 10 years old we offer the PADI Bubblemaker experience, and for children 10 year and old we can offer the full try scuba diving experience. The only real difference is that during the try scuba diving experience for older children we go over more of the basic scuba diving skills to help prepare them for the full PADI open water course which is the next step after the try dive 
whereas the PADI Bubblemaker session is more about just having fun and getting used to the equipment. Don’t worry if you have two children either side of 10 years old through as we are very happy to take both of them into the Bubblemaker session so that they can make their way through scuba diving together.

If you would like to know what the children get up to during these sessions, please click here to take a look at some of the filming one of our groups did as a bit of fun.

What’s Next.

If your child really enjoys their scuba diving experience they can then either move on to the full PADI Open Water diver course where they will learn to scuba dive or if they are still a little on the young side they can take part in the PADI seal team and PADI master seal program’s which are design to prepare children between the ages of 8 and 10 for the full open water course giving them loads of in water time to learn about buoyancy and equipment control whilst learning the basic scuba diving skills like mask clearing and regulator recovery.
Dive trip to Ibiza
We are arranging a dive trip to Ibiza for May of this year as a little warm-up for the dive season. Ibiza is one of those “hardly known” gems in the scuba diving world with some great diving just over a couple of hours flight from the UK. It also boasts the largest wreck in the Mediterranean called the Dom Pedro, a giant container ship which is just outside the port of Ibiza town along with some lovely reefs and swim-throughs. To top it all off, Ibiza some the best fish life I have seen in the Mediterranean.

    learn to scuba dive with underwater adventures       learn to scuba dive with underwater adventures

We will be staying in Es Cana, a town to the north of Ibiza so we are far enough away from the party places so that we won’t be kept up to all hours but there is still a number of bars and restaurants in walking distance to have s good time in the evenings. Es Cana is also close to the dive centre which is situated on a lovely golden sand beach with a couple of cafes nearby for Lunch on your breaks between diving.
The scuba diving in Ibiza is, as I mentioned, some of the best all-round scuba diving in the Med, with great wrecks and reefs but the thing I most enjoy about scuba diving in Ibiza is the amount and size of the fish. As we all know the biggest problem with scuba diving in the Mediterranean is the overfishing, but this hasn’t happened around Ibiza so whenever I have been there before I have always found huge numbers of fish including large fish which is so rare in the Mediterranean these days. Plus, if you needed another reason to join us on this trip, the government there introduced marine reserves around the Island so the health and diversity in the waters around Ibiza has improved from what was already good levels.

   learn to scuba dive with a padi dive club in hertfordhsire, bedford and cambridge        learn to scuba dive with a padi dive club in hertfordhsire, bedford and cambridge

The Dive clubs trip is being arranged by Stuart so if you would like to book on the dive trip or to find out more details about scuba diving in Ibiza please contact Stuart on
The plan for the dive trip is to Fly out of Stansted airport on the evening of the 9th May and fly home again on the evening of the 16th May giving everyone plenty of time to explore the amazing underwater world that can be found just offshore of Ibiza.
The package includes all transfers, accommodation and a 10 boat dive pack with tanks and weights all for only £619 per person, plus flights. We will also have a rest day in the middle of the dive trip so you can explore the Island if you like or just book a couple of extra dives with Punta dive, the dive company we will be scuba diving with. There will also be an option for a night dive or two if you like so you can check out the Ibiza nightlife, under the water as well as on top of it.

learn to scuba dive with a padi dive club in hertfordhsire, bedford and cambridge       learn to scuba dive with a padi dive club in hertfordhsire, bedford and cambridge

We will just need a £100 deposit to book your place and we suggest you book your flights as soon as possible as the longer you leave it the more they will cost.
This is such a great deal to do some amazing scuba diving on an Island not normally known for scuba diving but has some really cool treasures hidden just under the surface and this trip will give you a chance to see a side of Ibiza very few scuba divers get to see.

here are a few videos I've found on Youtube to give you an idea of what the diving is like starting with my personal favorite, the lighthouse reef
If you would like more information on this trip, please contact Stuart at

Rekindle your love for scuba diving

For some people, learning to scuba dive is the first step in a part-time or full-time scuba career. For others, scuba diving is an activity they are passionate about but haven’t enjoyed for some time. Whether you don’t dive very often due to limited free time, a bad experience, or total burnout, here are a few tips to help you (or a dive buddy) rekindle their love of scuba diving.


Remember Why You Fell in Love with Scuba Diving

What attracted you to diving in the first place? Was it the chance to travel? See interesting creatures? Meet new people? Explore historic Wrecks? Remind yourself what it was that left you grinning from ear to ear after your early dives. Whatever it was we have a way you can find it again at your local Underwater Adventures dive club.
Go for a fun dive – It’s common for scuba diving professionals to dive every weekend, but rarely dive just for fun. Teaching scuba is very rewarding, but it’s also a big responsibility. Many instructors and divemasters can reignite their passion for diving by taking time out to fun dive, shoot underwater images, or visit an exotic destination they have never seen before
Try something new – Both recreational divers and PADI Pros can benefit from trying something new: a new dive site, or a new diving skill. Night diving, rebreather diving, and free diving are just a few options.
Go diving with someone new – As any PADI Pro can attest, there’s nothing like experiencing the underwater world with someone for the first time. If you’re not a PADI Pro, discover how rewarding this feeling can be. Show people your
favourite underwater nooks and crannies and introduce them to the local marine life. As part of the underwater adventures dive club, there is always someone new to dive with
If you have young people in your life, find out if they’re interested in learning to scuba dive, We have PADI Bubblemaker, seal team and master seal team course for children from the age of 8 years old, and once they reach the age of 10 they can start to complete their full PADI open water course and then join you on some of the dive club trips.
Put Scuba Diving on Your Calendar
If you’re like most people, if something isn’t scheduled in your mobile device, it isn’t really happening. The underwater adventures dive club hosts regular diving trips both here in the UK and aboard and with our websites Google calendar, you can link straight to the Calendar on your phone so that you are always kept up to date as to when the next dive or social event is happening.
Share your plans with others by posting to social media, telling co-workers and family members, “I’m going diving this weekend.” By sharing your plans with others, even non-divers, you’re more likely to stay committed. If you don’t go, what will you say Monday morning when asked, “how was your dive?”
Just say, “Yes”

If you’ve been diving for a while, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut: scuba diving the same sites or saying “no” to activities you’re unfamiliar with. Try saying “yes” to the next three diving opportunities that come your way whether it’s taking part in a beach clean-up, posing for an underwater photo, or planning a trip to a new dive site. The experiences may reinforce things you knew to be true, or you might just find a new passion or friend.


Set a Goal, Choose a Reward

Runners have marathons, cyclists have centuries, divers have their logbook. Tally up all the hours you’ve spent diving and find out if you’re close to a milestone. Imagine the look on someone’s face when you say, “I’ve spent a month underwater.”
If you’re not close to a week or month of time logged underwater, that’s okay, aim for 100 dives and plan something special for when you reach your goal. It could be an outing with all your dive buddies along the way, or a gear purchase to commemorate your accomplishment.
If you’re not into bragging rights, here are a few alternative goals:
Find a female friend and commit to participating in PADI Women’s Dive Day 2019 (20 July 2019) and plan a fun day together.
Commit to taking 12 great underwater photos you can use to make a calendar and give it as a gift to your friends.
Do Something Nice for Yourself
If the list of things you don’t like about diving has gotten longer than the list of things that you DO like, consider how a few small changes can improve your enjoyment of diving immensely. The right gear can go a long way to making diving more comfortable and enjoyable.
Upgrading to spring straps on your fins can make getting in and out of the water surprisingly easier.
If you find you’re often cold after diving, don’t tough it out, get a new wetsuit or try diving a dry suit.
Feeling in a photography rut? Try macro photography or switch to video.

Nervous about getting back in the water?

If it’s been a few years since you last went diving, or if your initial scuba class didn’t give you the confidence to continue diving, try PADI ReActivate. ReActivate is designed to help
divers gain confidence before jumping back into the water.

– First, you’ll review key safety procedures and basic scuba concepts at your convenience using a desktop or mobile device. You can move quickly through topics that are familiar, and spend more time reviewing things you may have forgotten.
– Then you’ll jump in a pool with a PADI Professional for two pool sessions designed to build your confidence and help you remember the basic skills you learned in your open water course

ReActivate also includes a new certification card with your ReActivated date on it.
Not sure if ReActivate is right for you? Read the Top 7 Signs You Need a Scuba Refresher